CBD Testers: A Brief History Of CBD

Written by Steven Bridge

CBD – short for Cannabidiol – is a compound inside hemp and cannabis that was first discovered in 1940. Recent studies have shown CBD to have medicinal value for treating things like anxiety, pain, and insomnia but where did the story begin with this gift from nature?

When most people hear the word cannabis, they might think of Bob Marley, some reggae music and people sitting around getting high. That’s all down to THC, the cannabis compound that creates the mind-altering effects that are often spoken of. However, CBD, which was isolated for the first time only recently, doesn’t get you high but works in tandem with the body’s Endocannabinoid System to promote good moods, a healthy appetite, and a great night’s sleep, among other things. Let’s take a look at the exciting history of CBD.

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