CBD Testers: CBD Improves Overall Quality of Life For Seniors, Study Finds

Written by Steven Bridge

As more and more people embrace CBD, replacing their pharmaceutical medications with it in their medicine cabinet, the senior citizens among us are also benefitting from its medicinal effects.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the compounds in cannabis and hemp that is alleged to have medicinal value. People who want to feel calm, need pain relief, or help to sleep, use CBD. When most people think of cannabis, they think about getting high, but that’s down to another compound in the plant called THC. However, these days, cannabis compounds are isolated and extracted separately, meaning one can choose the great medicinal effects of cannabis but without the stoned sensations and disorientation.

A recent Remedy Review study of 1000 people aged 54 and over who used CBD came back with some interesting results. While the study found that only 9 percent of the seniors surveyed use CBD, at least 51 percent of that 9 percent reported “improved quality of life” overall. The survey also looked at the preferred delivery method for CBD for seniors and found that CBD Oil Drops were the most popular.

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