CBD Testers: CBD Workout Secrets: The Role of CBD in Pre and Post Workout Regimens

Written by Kelsi

Every fitness enthusiast has their own pre and post-workout routine that they use to enhance workouts and to reduce stress on the muscles and joints.

Lately though, CBD has been promoted as an essential workout treatment, and the list of reasons for this goes on and on. To learn more about the role CBD plays in exercise, let’s go through a few benefits of CBD – with regard to fitness. So how does CBD help you in the gym?

Increase Pain Threshold

Exercise can be a source of pain especially when engaging in high-intensity workouts, in which case you wouldn’t be able to continue when your back or thighs are on fire. When the pain becomes too intense, it will limit endurance and muscle growth – and if the pain is not addressed, any continuation with exercise will start damaging the body as more stress hormones are released. To prevent all this, CBD is used to increase pain threshold so that exercise routines are not altered or stopped altogether.

Focus & Energy

The last thing you want is to show up at the gym without the energy to carry through a workout session. Stamina is something we build and sustain through eating the right food, hydrating, breathing correctly, attaining proper posture, and of course, exercise. But what happens if you don’t feel strong enough to work out?

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