CBD Testers: What’s the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Written by Sophie Smith

Whether you’re into exploring alternative medicine or you’re always on the hunt for the next healthy lifestyle trend, you’ve probably already heard of CBD oil.

Hailing from the mighty cannabis plant, tons of medical research studies are backing this natural wonder as the new go-to therapeutic medicine. For years, CBD oil has been used as a treatment for many physical and mental medical conditions. It’s been found to help a wide range of health problems from Epilepsy to Acne. But lately, many products are popping up on the market with ‘hemp seed oil’ in the ingredients.

This may lead you to believe that this will give you the benefits CBD oil and other cannabinoid extracts do. Or maybe you’re buying straight up hemp seed oil from nutrition stores, not knowing that this won’t deliver pain relief. With the lines being blurred by similar terminology, we understand it’s hard for you to get a clear cut answer on what’s what.

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